Meaning of it's a free country in English:

it's a free country


  • Said when justifying a course of action.

    ‘it's a free country, I can talk however I want’
    • ‘Yes, it's a free country, and yes, everyone can say pretty much whatever they want.’
    • ‘But it's a free country, people can argue what they want.’
    • ‘I know it's a free country, but if I've sat quietly on a bench minding my own business then why should I have to put up with someone else's smoke blowing freely in my face.’
    • ‘Clearly, it's a free country, and they have every right to do that.’
    • ‘He is entitled to his opinions, it's a free country.’
    • ‘In the end it's a free country and if those students chose not to continue with their teaching studies, then so be it.’
    • ‘He says it's no business of mine where he goes after choir practice and it's a free country.’
    • ‘His response is it's a free country and he does not subject anybody to his lifestyle.’
    • ‘I think she is ridiculous, but it's a free country, and she is entitled to her opinion.’
    • ‘Their only comment was, it's a free country and he can do anything he wants.’