Meaning of it's not on in English:

it's not on


informal British
  • It's impractical or unacceptable.

    • ‘It doesn't matter whether the offenders are over 75 or under ten, if they make a nuisance of themselves - it's not on.’
    • ‘I would just ask the culprits to remember that a lot of people have worked hard to obtain funding for this facility, and that it's not on for them to go around wrecking it just because they are bored.’
    • ‘The woman sat opposite moaned - it's not on, calling ‘Last Orders' early.’
    • ‘I'm not just saying this for us, but the park is for everyone and it's not on.’
    • ‘‘I want to make it really clear, before they even start to discuss it, that it's not on,’ she said.’
    • ‘I know the prime minister's advisors read this site before setting policy, so I'm saying now, it's not on.’
    • ‘They fall out on the street at 6 or 7 in the morning and disturb all the residents, it's not on.’
    • ‘We could have this problem every day for the next year and it's not on.’
    • ‘I would be the first to agree it's not on, but I'm trying to get something done about it.’
    • ‘It's not on having hundreds of kids running wild all day.’