Meaning of it depends in English:

it depends


(also that depends)
  • Used to express uncertainty in answering a question.

    ‘It depends. There could be, and there could not be’
    • ‘How many people use each screen? It all depends’
    • ‘Wrong question, since it depends on the definition of life, and so both answers are possible.’
    • ‘The short answer to your question is that it depends on what sort of production facilities you currently have.’
    • ‘Hunt said the answer to that depends on how long ago the drug use took place.’
    • ‘The answer to that is it depends how well you get on with your teacher!’
    • ‘The answer is that it depends on what level of specificity you have in mind.’
    • ‘What you know about it depends on the questions you ask and the methods you use.’
    • ‘That has to be a question of opinion rather than fact, so it depends on what you make of the evidence.’
    • ‘Perhaps the answer is that both answers are right, but it all depends on which way you want to look at it.’
    • ‘The answer of course lies in the fact that it depends what you are looking for!’
    • ‘Well, as in so many things, that depends on how you define ‘this country’.’