Meaning of ITV in English:


Pronunciation /ˌʌɪˌtiːˈviː/

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  • 1(in the UK) Independent Television.

    ‘a spokesman from ITV’
    • ‘an ITV documentary’
  • 2

    (also iTV)
    Interactive television.

    ‘VIS iTV will design and develop games for the interactive digital TV and broadband markets.’
    • ‘The iTV service will offer the information viewers need to pick up the Big Challenge.’
    • ‘Although iTV will take some time to catch on, this will most probably move in line with the quality and quantity of the service provided.’
    • ‘The Human Senses interactive challenge is the most sophisticated, synchronised channel-switching iTV application yet devised by the BBC.’
    • ‘Opera Software develops browsers for desktop, smart phone, PDA, iTV and vertical markets.’