Meaning of ivoried in English:



See ivory

‘A white iron and brass queen bed wears an ivoried patchwork quilt, or sometimes the colors of Provence.’
  • ‘It brought a thought of the more gentle, ivoried fingers that had played it and now play no more.’
  • ‘Then as the rut nears, the tips get ivoried from dragging through sandy scrapes while the bases get darker from pine pitch during rubbing and mock fighting.’
  • ‘Mah-jongg, once a game for middle-aged moms and over-the-hill grandmas, rises from the dusty shelves of family dens and clacks its newly buffed and ivoried tiles among the film capital's hoi polloi.’
  • ‘Both chirruped and crowed in chorus, and I observed that while the left Mr. Wright was quite bald on top, the right Mr. Wright still had a fluffy topknot, jutting out like a peninsula between his ample and ivoried temples.’