Meaning of Ivy League in English:

Ivy League


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  • A group of long-established universities in the eastern US having high academic and social prestige. It includes Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and Columbia.

    as modifier ‘an Ivy League school’
    • ‘Yale University set an Ivy League record by accepting only 8.6 percent of its 21,099 applicants.’
    • ‘The financial reward for academic activities is enormous, as children who get into the ‘right’ preschool can go on to top-class primary and secondary schools, and hopefully an Ivy League university.’
    • ‘A lot of Koreans dream about sending their kids to an Ivy League University, so what better preparation, they think, is there than a North American high school?’
    • ‘According to the survey, more than half of all Americans view good grades and test scores as the most important qualifications for gaining admission to an Ivy League university.’
    • ‘I have a BA from a top-ten university and an Ivy League MBA.’


1930s with reference to the ivy traditionally growing over the walls of the university buildings.