Meaning of Ivy Leaguer in English:

Ivy Leaguer


  • A student or former student of an Ivy League university.

    ‘he is a smart guy and an Ivy Leaguer’
    • ‘For years they recruited only the best and the brightest Ivy Leaguers.’
    • ‘He was an elite Ivy Leaguer and the product of a madrasa.’
    • ‘I graduated from City College, so I'm no Ivy Leaguer or anything, but believe me—a good city or state school with a regular computer science degree goes much further than any of the specialist schools.’
    • ‘I see him as tall, heavy set, a one-time prep-school Ivy Leaguer who's worked in the State Department for forty years.’
    • ‘His wife is an Ivy Leaguer who majored in economics and East Asian studies at Columbia.’