Meaning of ixia in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɪksɪə/


  • A South African plant of the iris family, that bears showy six-petalled starlike flowers on tall wiry stems and has sword-shaped leaves.

    Genus Ixia, family Iridaceae: many cultivars

    ‘Bulbs native to Mediterranean and other climates [include] babiana, sparaxis, tritonia, watsonia, bearded iris, ixia, Oxalis purpurea, Scilla Peruviana, freesias, the small alliums, etc.’
    • ‘Finally, fynbos includes more than 1 500 species of bulbs or geophytes, many of which have been developed worldwide as valuable horticultural plants, e.g., freesias, agapanthus, gladioli, and ixias.’
    • ‘Ixias have flat one inch to one and one-half inch flowers on top of wiry 10 to 15-inch stems.’
    • ‘A lesser known, but truly excellent fall bulb is the Ixia. Also known as the African Corn Lily, the Ixia is at home in any garden provided it gets at least partial sun.’


Modern Latin, from Latin, denoting a kind of thistle, from Greek.