Meaning of ixnay in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɪksneɪ/


informal US ixnay on/to
  • Used in rejecting something specified.

    • ‘ixnay to corporate control!’
    • ‘Well, the couple is fighting back saying ixnay on those rumors.’
    • ‘I just want to 2nd the ixnay on cutesy text messages… uh… and baking cookies together.’


[with object] informal US
  • Cancel or stop.

    • ‘the group has ixnayed the rest of its North American tour’
    • ‘there are no officials to ixnay development here’
    • ‘The execs ixnayed the female first mate from the pilot, and he basically smuggled Nichelle Nicholls in under his coat, only mentioning offhand he was ‘going to add a little colour’ to the bridge crew.’
    • ‘Though President Bush ixnayed that idea, Wilkinson is still optimistic.’
    • ‘Yeah, i ixnayed the home-made dough and substituted a 2-pack of prepackaged stuff... pretty decent so far.’
    • ‘I ixnayed all the pesticides like perm and BB. Haven't touched them in months. Went organic and it worked in about 17 days. I am not anemic anymore and I am starting to feel pretty good.’


1920s pig Latin for nix.