Main meanings of ja in English

: ja1JA2


Pronunciation /jɑː/


informal South African
  • Yes.

    • ‘‘Let's go swimming.’ ‘Ja!’’
    • ‘ja, this is the life!’
    • ‘Ja, I really can't further comment on it other than what I've said, Alec.’
    • ‘'See here - ja, he got his licence from us.'’


    ja well
    South African informal
    • Used as an expression of embarrassment, apology, or world-weariness.

      • ‘ja well, you've seen it all’
      • ‘Dave's comment on the matter when I told him the story was simply; ‘ja well, now you know why there are not that many hang-gliders and micro-lights flying around in Transkei hey - especially in the mating season!’’
      • ‘Ja well, that doesn't work. My will power is weak lol.’
    ja well no fine
    South African informal
    • Used to express a non-committal, resigned, or ironic attitude.

      • ‘Ja, well no fine! Just been to Lesotho two weeks ago, hey? Mmmm, you like the place, hey? Ja, boet, it's the best!’
      • ‘Erm, ja, well, no, fine officer. My son must have stolen it, for I never knew about it. And I certainly never used it!’



Main meanings of JA in English

: ja1JA2



  • Jamaica (international vehicle registration).