Meaning of jabiru in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdʒabɪruː/


(also jabiru stork)
  • 1A large Central and South American stork with a black neck, mainly white plumage, and a large black upturned bill.

    Jabiru mycteria, family Ciconiidae

    ‘The marshes at the mouth of the Rio Tempisque at Palo Verde National Park are the last stronghold of the jabiru in Central America.’
    • ‘Jabirus (Jabiru mycteria) breed locally from southern Mexico (Campeche, Tabasco) through the lowlands of Central America and east of the Andes to northern Argentina. They favor extensive inland and shallow wetland habitats for feeding, but prefer nearby wooded areas for roosting and nesting.’
    1. 1.1Either of two related storks found in Asia, Australasia, and Africa.
      ‘Australia's only stork, the jabiru stands about a metre and a half tall.’
      • ‘In some areas of Australia, jabirus are also known as policeman-birds because of their black and white colouring and straight, very upright stance. At over 1.2 metres tall and with a wingspan of 2.2 metres, they are among Australia's largest birds.’
      • ‘Jabirus have a massive bill, long bright red legs and boldly marked black-and-white plumage - iridescent on the head and neck. They are a shy and retiring species.’


Late 18th century from Tupi-Guarani jabirú, from j ‘that which has’ + abirú ‘swollen’ (suggested by the bird's large neck).