Meaning of jabot in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʒabəʊ/


  • An ornamental frill or ruffle on the front of a shirt or blouse, typically made of lace.

    ‘Viola has converted to Christianity during her sojourn on the mainland and is a meticulous picture of virtue, dressed in indigo skirt, matching jacket with pagoda shoulders, and white blouse with a high lace collar and a jabot.’
    • ‘A jabot, splashy or bold prints, round and low necklines, or long ties on a scarf make busts look larger.’
    • ‘All the legal professionals wear severe, French-style white jabots Velcroed around their necks, and headsets for the interpretation jammed down over their hair.’
    • ‘I purchased a silk blouse at Goodwill and cut about 7 inches off the bottom to create the jabot.’
    • ‘The coat is short in the face, ears, front forelegs and on the hocks; medium on the body; and longer at the ruff, cape (full neck into the shoulders), jabot (chest and between front legs) and at the culottes (rear of thighs).’
    ruffle, flounce, ruff, furbelow, jabot, peplum, flute, ruche, ruching, gather, tuck, fringe


Early 19th century (denoting a frill on a man's shirt): French, originally ‘crop of a bird’.