Meaning of jacal in English:


Pronunciation /həˈkɑːl/


  • (in Mexico and the south-western US) a thatched wattle-and-daub hut.

    ‘Here the Seri have built both Mexican-style jacales of wattle and daub, and small wood-frame structures.’
    • ‘The jacales were made in a variety of sizes and styles, depending on the method preferred by the workers.’
    • ‘They have also found evidence of Spanish jacales, room blocks in an octagonal pattern within the stockade wall.’
    • ‘If so, they likely lived in jacales, a traditional structure constructed of vertical poles set into the ground without interrupted sills.’
    • ‘The dwellers practiced minimal agriculture supplemented by hunting and gathering, made a simple red or brown pottery, and lived in pit houses and, later, above-ground jacales of adobe-plastered poles.’


Mexican Spanish, from Nahuatl xacalli, contraction of xamitl calli ‘adobe house’.