Meaning of jack-in-office in English:



  • A self-important minor official.

    ‘these jumped-up jacks-in-office have too much their own way’
    • ‘Well - that isn't democracy, but rule by local busybodies, tribal chiefs and jacks-in-office, plus a scattering of carpetbaggers recently returned from exile and supported by our bayonets.’
    • ‘Not only will people pointedly fail to attend your rallies there, but your intrusive business activities will receive notice from new jacks-in-office with amazingly narrow-minded views on what is permissible.’
    • ‘I hope this doesn't mean that this jack-in-office is yet another NGO (non-governmental official) who has some kind of ‘right of entry’ - because he's not coming in here.’
    officer, office-holder, office-bearer, administrator, executive, appointee, functionary