Meaning of jack arch in English:

jack arch


  • A small arch only one brick in thickness, especially as used in numbers to support a floor.

    ‘The 12-inch long roman brick was used in several applications, including rustication, flat jack arches, three-dimensional jack arches, recessed panels, and classically inspired piers and columns.’
    • ‘The use of limestone for the water table, belt course, rusticated jack arches, and pilaster capitals is unique in Kent County architecture.’
    • ‘The jack arch reached its artistic apogee in the 1960s in the viscerally moving St Peter's church, Klippan, Sweden by Lewerentz.’
    • ‘He added: ‘Knocking down the jack arches and keeping the viaduct is like saying your cathedral is lovely but we'll have to take away the buttresses.’’
    • ‘Five-course jack arches are found above each double hung window and a six-course water table brick change is found at the second floor level.’