Meaning of jack around in English:

jack around

phrasal verb

informal North American
  • jack someone around, jack around someoneCause someone inconvenience or problems, especially by acting unfairly or indecisively.

    • ‘stop jacking me around and answer my questions’
    • ‘They will jack you around, make wild promises and then when it's too late you stand to lose your home.’
    • ‘So I guess he wants to jack me around for 6 months and then expect me to pay another $1800?’
    • ‘The shop was going to jack me around on the time to put the engine back in.’
    • ‘Do not let them jack you around for the ‘new’ replacement at $3k.’
    • ‘They didn't try to jack us around on the financing either.’
    • ‘Every time I place a cache he jacks me around for a couple of weeks.’
    • ‘You have to tell them you are fishing with Capt. Jim to get these rates and sometimes they try to jack you around on the rates.’
    • ‘You can print up a simple rate card just to have something established so an agency or anyone else cannot jack you around by going to a rock bottom rate request.’
    • ‘If you don't want to talk ok, but don't jack me around like some player cause chances I just won't take you seriously.’
    • ‘Even though I pay around $1000 a year for full coverage insurance, I know they won't jack me around like the others will.’