Meaning of jack in in English:

jack in

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phrasal verb

  • 1jack something in, jack in somethingBritish Give up or stop doing something, especially a job.

    • ‘he jacked in his office job’
    • ‘It got so depressing I thought of jacking the whole thing in.’
    • ‘It's like a relationship: how long do you keep working at the problems before jacking it in.’
    • ‘There was everything to play for - so why is he jacking it in even as Donald returns from his sick bed?’
    • ‘Gordon had just jacked his job in with some sort of mechanical haulage firm in Hythe.’
    • ‘I'm a Yorkshire lass, you don't just jack it in although there have been some very low points.’
    • ‘The next thing you know, Michael Forsyth will be jacking in his peerage, and trying to get Stirling back.’
    • ‘For ‘a brief moment’, in fact, he considered jacking in football.’
    • ‘Harris can't quite believe what has happened to him since he took the gamble in 1998 of jacking in corporate life to try to make money from his hobby - furniture making.’
    • ‘Some have tried to suggest that he's homesick and pining for a move back to Scotland but that's not a valid reason for jacking in a promising career in the Premiership as far as I'm concerned.’
    • ‘He said: ‘My boss is jacking in the business because we will lose too much money now.’’
    give up, stop, cease, discontinue, desist from, swear off, forbear from, abstain from, cut out, renounce, forswear, forgo, abandon, have done with
  • 2jack something in, jack in somethingConnect up a computer or electronic device.

    • ‘I jacked my laptop in and connected to the default IP’
    • ‘Given that Neo had spent his entire life inside The Matrix - more accurately, inside a pod of goo while jacked into a massive computer - how could his ear be pierced?’
    • ‘She was able to jack into the computer's mind and learn what it knew.’
    • ‘Bandwidth is often seen as a public resource, and people who would blanch at the thought of breaking into a computer room wouldn't think twice about jacking into wireless networks.’
    • ‘Mercano's lone earthbound friend is a boy that he meets online and, before long, thanks to an evil corporation's theft of his planet's technology, 98% of our planet is jacked into an interactive digitized shopping mall.’
    • ‘We shudder to think what mayhem an irritated and superior alien race might visit upon innocent, gui-dependent Windows lusers jacked in to an intrusive Web-based spy network.’
    • ‘The wireless service, which offers connection speeds up to 54 MBPS over a Cisco Systems Wi-Fi network, is free to all tenants, while jacking into the 100 MBPS wired network costs just $250 per month.’
    • ‘Another character, Dixie Flatline, who had Case's EEG flattened while he was jacked in, now maintains his identity solely within the computer network - a form of cyber-resurrection.’
    • ‘There, after I've sorted and arranged various ingredients, I jack in for twenty minutes and plant some useful subroutines in the city utilities grid.’
    • ‘If your business frequently has visiting executives who need to jack into your network or to get online, it may make sense to have a wireless node, which will enable them to use their own laptop to connect wirelessly.’
    • ‘However, as of yet, mobility has not been long lasting without jacking into a power source after a couple of hours.’