Meaning of jack mackerel in English:

jack mackerel


  • A game fish of the jack family, occurring in the eastern Pacific.

    Trachurus symmetricus, family Carangidae

    ‘It was followed by glittery portions of jack mackerel and a strip of crunchy octopus dusted with a mossy, gunpowderlike substance that Nagata identified as green-tea salt.’
    • ‘Trawl fisheries catch jack mackerel in other areas including the Taranaki Bight and Chatham Rise.’
    • ‘Food studies indicated that more than 90 percent of the identifiable items found in the stomachs of jack mackerel are crustaceans and small, free swimming mollusks.’
    • ‘A cheap source of protein, particularly suited to canning and smoking, New Zealand jack mackerel is sold all over the world, from China and Japan to Fiji, Russia and Nigeria.’