Meaning of Jack Nohi in English:

Jack Nohi

Pronunciation /dʒak ˈnəʊhiː/


  • 1New Zealand informal A quick or casual look; a peek.

    • ‘we had a Jack Nohi at your website’
    • ‘Have a jack nohi around the garage and shed.’
    • ‘Heard you had a boy-friend and thought I better come over for a jack nohi.’
    peek, peep, brief look, quick look
    1. 1.1An overly inquisitive person.
      ‘these Jack Nohis wanted to know every little detail’
      • ‘He was treating me as if I were some kind of truant intruder - a Jack Nohi.’
      • ‘They'll think you're listening in and they'll tell you off for being a Jack Nohi.’


1940s probably from a New Zealand slang sense of jack ‘a look’ + Maori nohi ‘nose’.