Meaning of jack plane in English:

jack plane


  • A medium-sized plane for use in rough joinery.

    ‘Then they were to set off for Bedford County with two hand saws, two jack planes, four chisels, augers ‘for common framing,’ a foot adze, and ‘one of the narrow adzes which were made here to dig gutters in the joists.’’
    • ‘The general form of these planes is that of a jack plane with projections on either side of the sole.’
    • ‘The jointer, in excellent condition, brought $2,530 while the jack plane, with a bruised wedge and handle, sold for $2,090.’
    • ‘There was a very rare 15-inch jack plane, patented by the Davis Level and Tool Co., August 31, 1875, in wonderful condition; and a Bailey Tool Co. Defiance No.27, 21-inch jointer plane also in excellent condition.’
    • ‘A Stanley No.62 low-angle jack plane, rarely found in the box, in fine condition and in an excellent box brought $1,072.50’