Meaning of jack screw in English:

jack screw


  • 1A screw which can be turned to adjust the position of an object into which it fits.

    ‘According to Higgins, over time the vibration caused by the wind and antenna motion hammered the jack screw up and down in the aluminum threads, causing them to wear away until the screw was able to pull out like a piston from a cylinder.’
    • ‘A jack screw is a mechanism that uses a long threaded rod to position a matching nut at any position along its length. In a jack screw, forces acting on the nut along the length of the rod do not appreciably affect the rotation of the rod.’
    • ‘When a jack screw reaches its limit of travel, relative movement between the actuator shaft and the glass case can occur through a slip clutch mechanism.’
  • 2

    another term for screw jack

    • ‘It was necessary to get under the car and a jack screw was used to raise the structure several feet above the ground.’