Meaning of jack snipe in English:

jack snipe


  • 1A small dark Eurasian snipe.

    Lymnocryptes minima, family Scolopacidae

    ‘Spotted redshank share their forest-marsh nesting grounds with wood sandpipers, greenshank, whimbrel, jack snipe and broad-billed sandpipers.’
    • ‘Smallest of snipes, the jack snipe has been declining in Norfolk in recent years.’
    • ‘A jack snipe, a rare wading bird, has been seen.’
    • ‘There are two close relations, of which the jack snipe is smaller and the great snipe very slightly larger.’
    • ‘It is also crucial to the survival of the red listed reed bunting in north Wiltshire. The area on top of the old landfill site supports a good number of snipe and in recent years internationally important numbers of the scarce jack snipe.’
    1. 1.1North American Any wader similar to the jack snipe, e.g. the pectoral sandpiper or the common snipe.
      • ‘Jack Snipe are probably regular in winter, where Spotted Crake has been recorded three times.’