Meaning of jack up in English:

jack up

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phrasal verb

  • 1jack something up, jack up somethingRaise something, especially a vehicle, with a jack.

    ‘jack the car up until the wheel can spin freely’
    • ‘The officer then got the jack from the boot of the vehicle, jacked it up and released Phillips.’
    • ‘He goes to Mark's side of the car and asks him to step out of the vehicle so he can jack it up.’
    • ‘Next time you take your car to a Greek or Italian mechanic and he uses the Force to jack your car up instead of the hoist, be very afraid.’
    • ‘Within ten minutes the driver of the first car that passed by jacked it up and took a tire.’
    • ‘The front wheel was still chained to the lamp post, as all the villains had done was jack the car up and put on the spare wheel and drive away!’
    • ‘If the cars could take some of the weight off, couldn't we jack it up enough to take the strain off the landing gear?’
    • ‘The car is jacked up, and the spring locations are checked to ensure they haven't been changed since the first inspection.’
    • ‘The plaintiff, a 14-year-old boy, and a friend decided to repair the boat, and jacked it up with a car jack.’
    • ‘All the felons had done was to jack the car up and change the wheel.’
    • ‘The nose gear struts there they can jack it up, put it on a tug and they'll move that airplane off the runway pretty quickly and examine it.’
    raise, hoist, lift, lift up, raise aloft, haul up, winch up, lever up, heave up, hike up, hitch up, pull up, take up, upraise, uplift, elevate
    1. 1.1 informal Increase something by a considerable amount.
      • ‘France jacked up its key bank interest rate’
      • ‘Virtually all restrictions on fruit machines will be removed and the amounts to be won will be jacked up to £1 million.’
      • ‘It's a little disconcerting hearing the wide-eyed troubadour so distraught, but if it's any consolation, the emotional intensity of his folksy confessionals and heartfelt power-pop nuggets have been jacked up considerably.’
      • ‘And I think they have enough new products to at least hold on to domestic market share without needing to jack them up any further.’
      • ‘An inversion jacks the heat way up and drives the humidity down - two ingredients that could make a fire's behavior very dangerous.’
      • ‘Once the shakeout of the industry has been completed, and air travel has fallen under the control of a handful of giant monopolies, ticket prices will be jacked up to unprecedented levels.’
      • ‘Plus, Cambodia is notoriously corrupt and has a poor infrastructure, which jacks costs up even further.’
      • ‘He pushed through a major £6 million cost-cutting exercise, slashing 150 jobs while jacking his own salary up by 33 percent to £155,000 a year.’
      • ‘Of course, the hoteliers jacked their prices up to the roof and did catch a fair number of those believing the annual myth propounded by the would-be profiteers.’
      • ‘Scott told me later he jacked the volume up as much as possible.’
      • ‘They once again jack the guitar distortion up so high it makes my eyeballs tremble, though instead of a glorious AC / DC Marshall crunch, it's this shrill, low-rent tinfoil dirt-pedal squeal.’
      increase, raise, put up, push up, up, mark up, make higher, boost, step up, lift, augment, inflate, escalate
  • 2 informal Inject oneself with an illegal drug.

    • ‘we stepped over people jacking up in the street outside’
    • ‘Eric was just tired and still a little jacked up on drugs, then they did some therapy and he got even more tired.’
    • ‘He was still pretty much jacked up on drugs, and the rest of the team had practically left.’
    • ‘And how else are you going stop a 350 pound guy, all jacked up on drugs?’
    • ‘In the brief moment which followed Lincoln's veins swelled up with a delicious nectar as if she were a hard up junkie just jacked up with a long sought after injection of her favorite narcotic.’
    • ‘The song gives you the feeling of being a race car driver jacked up on amphetamines.’
  • 3Australian Give up or refuse to participate in something.

    ‘they'd just jack up and go on strike’
    • ‘And it's the same with ADHD, there's a continuum of this behaviour and it gets to a point where either the parents, the teachers jack up or doctors say here's the behaviour beyond which we would say this is a disease.’
  • 4jack something up, jack up somethingNew Zealand informal Arrange or organize something.

    • ‘they did a national service in jacking this racing up’
    • ‘I will PM you with my details and maybe we could jack something up.’
    • ‘Perhaps we could jack something up with the projector - just low key for those that want to talk about something.’
    • ‘Herb had jacked up a whole cinema for a fairly-near-to-opening screening of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, so we went along for a look-see…’
    • ‘Fingers crossed he can jack up a video projector, or at the very least a big-screen tv for it.’
    • ‘Trish had a previous engagement jacked up and couldn't come, anyway Pam, Peter, Tanya, Bronny and himself all fronted up and had a fantastic evening.’