Meaning of jackalope in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdʒakələʊp/


  • A mythical animal depicted as a hare or rabbit with horns, said to exist in parts of North America.

    ‘some dismiss jackalopes as the fantasy of cowboys who spent too long on the range’
    • ‘The staff has long been interested in jackalope myths around the world.’
    • ‘An odd trait of the jackalope is its ability to imitate the human voice.’
    • ‘Back in the 1900s, popular hunting and fishing mags profiled the elusive jackalope.’
    • ‘A pretty idea, as I say, but about as genuine as the jackalope.’
    • ‘A drunk trapper named LeRoy Ball freaked in 1829 near Douglas, Wyoming after spotting the world's first jackalope.’
    • ‘Attendees should remember to refrain from hunting jackalope from midnight to 2 a.m. on June 31.’
    • ‘Anyone from a place with name of Moose Jaw already knows the dangers of messing around with jackalopes.’
    • ‘You hardly ever see jackalopes in the wild anymore, but they can still be found in a few old taverns, usually on a wall with other stuffed critters.’
    • ‘An exhibit of jackalopes and their lore is on display at the Wichita Art Museum.’
    • ‘Fenwick claimed that jackalopes mate only during nocturnal lightning flashes.’


1950s blend of jackrabbit and antelope.