Meaning of jackleg in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdʒaklɛɡ/


informal US
  • An incompetent, unskilful, or dishonest person.

    • ‘a jackleg carpenter’
    • ‘Part of me thinks what he does here's extremely cool and part of me thinks he looks and sounds like a complete jackleg.’
    • ‘A climber is not top notch until s/he is in control of the tree and in control of themselves at all times. Until then, they're jacklegs, and poison to any but the most desperate.’
    • ‘Fire all the staff, sell the place to a new owner (because he's a jackleg too), and learn how to make beer and then you might be able to call yourself a good brewpub.’
    blunderer, incompetent, amateur, bumbler, botcher, clown, hopeless case