Meaning of jackstay in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdʒaksteɪ/


  • 1Nautical
    A rope, bar, or batten placed along a ship's yard to bend the head of a square sail to.

    ‘All participating personnel were transferred to/from their respective ships, via light jackstay, RHIB or the Tobruk's embarked Sea King and Lynx helicopters.’
    • ‘Fuel transfer is accomplished by suspending a hose from a tensioned cable, the jackstay, which runs from RFA Fort Victoria to the receiving warship.’
    • ‘They conducted a comprehensive tour of the warship before observing the process of a light jackstay conducted with ANZAC.’
    • ‘During a stores transfer the jackstay supports a ‘traveller’, a travelling hoist to which loads of up to 2t may be coupled.’
    1. 1.1A line secured at both ends to serve as a support, e.g. for an awning.