Meaning of Jacky Howe in English:

Jacky Howe

Pronunciation /dʒaki ˈhaʊ/


Australian, New Zealand
  • A navy or black vest traditionally worn by sheep-shearers and other agricultural workers.

    ‘a Jacky Howe dangled loosely from his shoulders’
    • ‘He himself didn't wear a 'Jacky Howe' as they were 'as itchy as knitted barbed wire'.’
    • ‘All he would ever be wearing was a Jacky Howe and a pair of jocks.’
    • ‘They could eat their meals arrayed in a "Jacky Howe" open-neck type of singlet.’
    • ‘Graham, in a Jacky Howe flannel, was sitting hunched with his bony legs drawn up under his chin.’
    • ‘Some folks still call sleeveless flannels “Jacky Howes".’


Early 20th century from the name of John Robert Howe (?1861–1920), a champion Queensland shearer of the 1890s.