Meaning of Jacky Winter in English:

Jacky Winter


  • An Australasian flycatcher which has a grey-brown back and whitish underside and constantly wags its white-edged tail.

    Microeca leucophaea, family Eopsaltridae (or Muscicapidae). Alternative name: Australian brown flycatcher

    ‘Jacky Winters dart out from a perch to snatch at flying insects, returning to the same perch again. They dive and twist in the air, hovering and grabbing at insects.’
    • ‘The Jacky Winter is a small grey-brown flycatcher with a faint pale eye-line and white underbody. The dark tail has prominent white outer feathers which are obvious when it lands, wagging his tail from side to side.’


Late 19th century diminutive form of the pet name Jack (see jack) + Winter (imitative of the bird's cry).