Meaning of jadedly in English:



See jaded

‘But we're not Europeans: we can't simply light up a Gauloise, unfold a copy of our partisan newspaper and jadedly admit that bias is inevitable - c'est la guerre!’
  • ‘As my ninth presidential inauguration in Washington approaches, perhaps I should be jadedly bemused.’
  • ‘As to the Exhibition itself, he jadedly complained to a friend on 11 July that he felt ‘used up’: ‘I don't say there's nothing in it’ - there's too much…’
  • ‘Slouched forward with her elbow on the armrest and her chin in the palm of her hand, Dove stares out the window jadedly, her expression with its usual mask of reserve.’
  • ‘Feeling less self-conscious he stood up and ambled jadedly towards Finn, placing his hands limply around her shoulders.’