Meaning of jaffle iron in English:

jaffle iron


  • A device for making toasted sandwiches over an open fire, consisting of two hinged metal plates on a long handle.

    ‘every household in Australia had a jaffle iron in those days’
    • ‘The clam-shell shape you get from cooking it in a jaffle iron leaves more room for tasty fillings.’
    • ‘Preheat the jaffle iron.’
    • ‘Jaffles are also a fun outdoor food, using a camping jaffle iron (or pie iron as it used to be called).’
    • ‘Place the sandwich in the jaffle iron and close gently so as not to break the egg.’
    • ‘Heat up the toastie maker (or the jaffle iron).’
    • ‘It does help to be actually familiar with a kitchen that consists of more than a microwave and a jaffle iron.’
    • ‘I've burnt myself about three more times on my jaffle iron.’
    • ‘Buy an old fashioned round jaffle iron in the op shop (or a brand-new cast iron one from a camping store).’
    • ‘Put the food in the middle of the bread and place the whole thing between the hot plates of a jaffle iron.’
    • ‘The jaffle iron was traditionally used in Australian campfire cooking to toast sandwiches over an open flame.’