Meaning of jaggedly in English:



See jagged

‘Placed on jaggedly cut glass, which teeters, these forms (bombed out structures or sacked cities) have blue and red lights on them, recalling eerily police cars and ambulances that come in the wake of terror.’
  • ‘Located 32 miles from the Utah desert town of Moab, the narrow rock peninsula juts jaggedly into canyon country, 2,000 feet above the Colorado River.’
  • ‘The parts fit together jaggedly, but the crude welds enable the robots to function.’
  • ‘Look closer, and you note the broken twigs and police crime-scene tape running jaggedly across a cornfield.’
  • ‘Sticking my head partially outside, I'm instantly greeted by a rush of chilling fresh air, which I gulp down greedily and smile as it billows through my jaggedly cut, short and dark hair.’