Meaning of jalousie in English:



  • A blind or shutter made of a row of angled slats.

    ‘he peeped between the half-open jalousies’
    • ‘jalousie windows’
    • ‘At Monticello there were what Jefferson called Venetian porches, which were fitted out with jalousies, or louvered blinds, constructed according to a drawing in Jefferson's hand (Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston).’
    • ‘He also called them his Venetian porches - a clear reference to the jalousies, or louvered blinds, that constitute the walls.’
    • ‘Although the jalousies are painted green, the interiors are not gloomy. In fact, the grass green color becomes more luminous in certain light and particularly when reflected off the plaster ceilings.’
    • ‘The colonial architecture found in parts of Georgetown is still impressive wooden buildings with jalousies and high ceilings to facilitate ventilation, some featuring large, wooden verandas.’
    • ‘The jalousie's louvers can be adjusted very quickly to control the interior environment and respond to changing weather conditions’
    screen, shade, louvre, awning, canopy, sunshade, curtain, shutter, cover, covering, protection



/ˈʒalʊziː/ /ˌʒalʊˈziː/


Mid 18th century French, literally ‘jealousy’, from Italian geloso ‘jealous’, also (by extension) ‘screen’, associated with the screening of women from view in the Middle East.