Significado de jammer en en inglés


Pronunciación /ˈdʒamə/


  • A transmitter used for jamming signals.

    ‘These guys are real nasty jammers, they do gypsy reggae, Latino ska funk, you name it.’
    • ‘And according to several news reports, those who are bothered by cell phone rudeness are increasingly turning to jammers - devices that prevent making and receiving cell phone calls.’
    • ‘In fact, for the most part the bombers looked just alike, but instead of having the large heavy bombs loaded in the bomb bays, the radar countermeasure aircraft carried high voltage jammers.’
    • ‘Pattaya International Jamming sessions during the weekend of May 16 & 17 drew unexpected large crowds, both patrons and jazz jammers.’
    • ‘Furthermore, the enemy can defeat IA by destroying signal jammers or boosting his own signal to negate the signal (antijam).’