Meaning of jangly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdʒaŋɡli/

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adjectiveadjective janglier, adjective jangliest

See jangle

‘A jangly piano and high, slightly screechy, David Bowie-ish vocals bowl through an early New Wave review with slightly odd harmonies.’
  • ‘Musically, you're getting a foot-tapping jangly pop tune which has an undeniably-strong folk influence but with the amplified element which justifies The May's presence in rock and pop venues, rather than folk clubs.’
  • ‘I bought their single Pin Your Heart and although the title track itself is a jangly guitar pop classic, I found the B-sides so awful that I never actually bought the album.’
  • ‘Combining South American melodies full of jangly guitars and Spanish rhythms, Bomba has quickly captured the hearts of the many Edmontonians who come in droves to see them whenever they play venues in our city.’
  • ‘Turn on the radio and you hear the latest jangly ballad of love unrequited or a celebration of life and family.’