Meaning of janky in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdʒaŋki/

adjectiveadjective jankier, adjective jankiest

(also jank)
informal North American
  • Of extremely poor or unreliable quality.

    • ‘the software is pretty janky’
    • ‘there's hardly anywhere to eat other than a janky food court’
    • ‘the car is embarrassing to drive because it's so jank’
    • ‘Pretty janky battery life, too, lasting only about 10 hours per charge.’
    • ‘He takes matters into his own hands and makes some janky obstacles to skate outside.’
    • ‘Jones's performance is janky, manic, and unhinged (though still lovable).’
    • ‘Mods are fantastic things, especially when they're exploring areas no one else is ever likely to venture, yet most exude a sense of being slightly janky.’
    • ‘I shoulda' seen it coming a mile away, but it didn't hit me until I was seated in a janky theater seat with a handful of popcorn.’
    • ‘The gameplay presented in this latest outing feels so broken and janky that any fan who may brave a purchase will likely end up feeling disgusted and cheated.’
    • ‘Almost two decades after its fledgling, janky website went live, Amazon is now one of the most formidable corporations out there.’
    • ‘With pop you can talk to a lot more than just people who like janky low-fi indie music performance.’
    • ‘The filmer had this janky camera with one of those clip-on fish eyes and was impossible to get hold of.’
    • ‘The process isn't perfect, leaving users with a jankier UI, but the important thing is, it works.’


1990s origin unknown.