Meaning of jarul in English:


Pronunciation /dʒəˈruːl/


(also jarool)
  • A tropical Asian tree which bears large clusters of purple or white flowers.

    Lagerstroemia speciosa, family Lythraceae

    ‘Then there are the crinkly petals of jarul found in the traffic roundabouts and Jorbagh.’
    • ‘To add to the heat, gulmohars burst into fiery reds and golden yellows, jaruls (Queen's Flower) also came into bloom but its mauve flowers could not offset the heat generated by the flamboyant gulmohars.’
    • ‘When I left Delhi, Jacarandas (neelams) had faded, gulmohars were fading out, jaruls (queens flower) had come into their own.’
    • ‘The Pride of India is variously referred to as Queen’s Flower, Lagerstroemia speciosa in Latin, Jarul in Hindi and Holematti in Kannada.’


Mid 19th century from Hindi.