Meaning of Jatz crackers in English:

Jatz crackers

Pronunciation /ˈdʒats ˌkrakəz/

plural noun

informal Australian
  • Testicles.

    • ‘he cops one in the Jatz crackers and doubles over’
    • ‘Here's hoping Piers catches one in the Jatz crackers.’
    • ‘One in the Jatz Crackers might be in order for big John.’
    • ‘No way he was going to edge that, but Shane Watson's "jatz crackers" might have been in danger!’
    • ‘The previous ball Marsh was hit in the Jatz crackers after an inside edge, so he took his pain-rage out on the ball.’
    • ‘In his Top 10 Memorable Moments at the WACA, he couldn't find room for Michael Clarke copping one in the Jatz crackers.’
    • ‘He collected two vicious blows to the 'Jatz Crackers'.’
    • ‘Give him a swift kick in the Jatz crackers for me.’
    • ‘It was the best way to avoid creeping crotch rot and prickly heat around the 'jatz crackers'.’
    • ‘You start off with a small amount and give it a good rub up under the Jatz Crackers.’
    • ‘Boy, that would hurt the Jatz Crackers.’


1990s rhyming slang for knackers ‘testicles’, from a proprietary name for a savoury biscuit.