Meaning of jauntily in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdʒɔːntɪli/

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See jaunty

‘It made me dream of becoming a huge movie star, so I could stop on the red carpet at his microphone, wait for a question, pause, tilt my head wordlessly and then jauntily just walk on by.’
  • ‘He leaned jauntily against the wall, wearing a red shirt with white sleeves cinched by thin strips of leather, and black pants, and he stood 5 feet and 10 inches tall, only a little taller than her.’
  • ‘At the door, the two best friends chatted a bit, then Marina departed for home, swinging her case jauntily, and humming the prelude from earlier, not really paying attention to anything.’
  • ‘He said looking at her laughing jauntily, ‘And why would I be embarrassed?’’
  • ‘He had an old military hat perched jauntily on his head, and he seemed to be in one of those exuberant moods when it feels like the facts of your life are arranging themselves into a story you can be proud of.’