Meaning of Java man in English:

Java man

Pronunciation /ˈdʒɑːvə/


  • A fossil hominid of the Middle Pleistocene period, whose remains were found in Java in 1891.

    An early form of Homo erectus (formerly Pithecanthropus), family Hominidae

    ‘Fossils of Java man and Peking man (a.k.a. Homo erectus) suggest these close evolutionary relatives were frequent victims of physical violence.’
    • ‘New technology has allowed for more precise dating of fossils, and recent reassessments put the age of Java man at about 1.5 million years old, contemporaneous with other fossil finds in Africa.’
    • ‘What she does not tell school children is that below those floorboards were also other skulls - modern-looking skulls - that were found in the same level of strata, and would have surely put an end to Dubois' precious Java man.’
    • ‘His discovery provided evidence of customary funerary rites, and his thin frame and physical characteristics provided an evolutionary link with Java man, which was of crucial archaeological significance.’
    • ‘Today Java man is classified as Homo erectus but questions still remain, one of which is whether the skull cap and femur are from the same specimen.’