Meaning of javelin thrower in English:

javelin thrower


  • An athlete who participates in the sport of throwing a javelin.

    ‘he is the leading javelin thrower in South Africa this year’
    • ‘He would have been a world-class soccer goalkeeper, rugby player, javelin thrower, or boxer.’
    • ‘He will become the first javelin thrower from Kenya to compete at an Olympics.’
    • ‘The Paraguayan javelin thrower has lost her hopes of Olympic victory.’
    • ‘The majority of patients were baseball players, along with three gymnasts and three javelin throwers.’
    • ‘The javelin thrower won her second-straight Athletics Australia women's athlete of the year award on Thursday night.’
    • ‘Sprinters are running faster than ever before, but why are javelin throwers not throwing further and swimmers not swimming faster?’
    • ‘The performance of javelin throwers was improving drastically up until the mid-1980s, to a point where officials were concerned for crowd safety.’
    • ‘A javelin thrower and coach has been banned from all competition for four years for possessing numerous banned substances discovered after a raid by police.’
    • ‘I was talking to the sprinters, javelin throwers and boxers, who are enthusiastic about representing and doing well for the country.’
    • ‘She is one of the world's most consistent javelin throwers but faces stiff competition from Russia's world champion.’