Meaning of javelin throwing in English:

javelin throwing


mass noun
  • The competitive sport of throwing a javelin.

    ‘she excelled in every sport she tried, including golf, running, javelin throwing, and swimming’
    • ‘Originally from the south-west, she moved to Ballarat as a secondary school student to develop her javelin throwing.’
    • ‘A single throw should give him the gold medal, but expect Brown to take all six as he shows what true javelin throwing looks like.’
    • ‘Teams consist of parents and children, and the activities will include javelin throwing, jumping rope, hurdles and pushups.’
    • ‘It's easy to imagine the ancient Greeks cheering as they watched foot races, wrestling, javelin throwing and other athletic contests.’
    • ‘There were seven athletes from each hospital and they had a competition doing archery and javelin throwing.’
    • ‘Then I talked to my coach's widow and she persuaded me to take up javelin throwing again.’
    • ‘Whether your favorite sport is football, tennis, running, or javelin throwing, we've got just the song to put you in the mood.’
    • ‘He shattered the Namibian javelin throwing record with a new mark of 78,32 metres at the South African Athletics Championships.’
    • ‘He discovered a talent for javelin throwing and committed himself to being the best that he could possibly be.’
    • ‘And just when it seemed her javelin throwing days were over, she is now determined to have a swansong.’