Meaning of javelina in English:


Pronunciation /ˌhavəˈliːnə/


North American
another term for peccary
‘Collared peccaries, or javelinas, may be the agents most responsible for moving leguminous tree seeds back upstream.’
  • ‘Other creatures can also flourish there, including quail, jackrabbits, and small, wild pigs called javelinas.’
  • ‘At the same time my friend and hunting companion took a trophy whitetail, a huge javelina, and a big tom turkey.’
  • ‘This unique region also hosts an impressive array of other wildlife, including blacktail prairie dogs, gray foxes, and piglike javelinas.’
  • ‘I often hunt in Texas where one could encounter whitetail, javelina, and turkey all from the same blind on the same morning.’


Early 19th century from Spanish jabalina, from the feminine form of jabalí ‘wild boar’, from Arabic jabali ‘mountaineer’.