Meaning of jawfish in English:


Pronunciation /ˈjɔːfɪʃ/

nounplural noun jawfish, plural noun jawfishes

  • A small fish with very large jaws which lives in shallow tropical seas. It often inhabits a burrow in the sand, the walls of which are lined with pieces of shell and stone.

    Family Opistognathidae: several genera and species

    ‘Bluespotted jawfish are usually found on the ocean bottom at depths of 18-24 m, near cliff bases or rocky outcroppings of offshore islands.’
    • ‘Fire corals and stony corals on top of a boulder at Carval Rock colonies of yellow-headed jawfish live on rubble areas among the coral at the Indians site dolphins in the lagoon at Prospect Reef Resort’
    • ‘On the sandy floor a gold spectacled jawfish, affectionately known as Harry, cradled a brood of eggs in his open mouth.’
    • ‘Nudibranchs are found everywhere, and just in front of the jetty, jawfish peer out of their holes, with mouthfuls of eggs.’
    • ‘In nature, jawfish live in colonies of from fifty to several hundred extremely territorial individuals.’