Meaning of jazzer in English:



See jazz

‘With last year's Happy People, former Miles Davis saxophonist Kenny Garrett mixed tough improvising and striking pop-jazz themes so well that even the most sneering fundamentalist jazzers thought twice about complaining.’
  • ‘He confronts black jazzers ' resentment of Baker's playing: Most heard him, with excellent reason, as a paler, milder Miles Davis, yet he won polls and looked like he was making big money.’
  • ‘But in as much as the music catches her still working close to the manner of her then significant model, Betty Carter, the disc nevertheless remains an interesting example of what attracted jazzers to Wilson in the first place.’
  • ‘Crumb has never made any bones about his hatred for rock, and rock and roll, and indeed anything that wasn't pressed on shellac by desperately obscure bluesmen and jazzers in the twenties and thirties.’
  • ‘Holland plays both piano and guitar in a style that predates electricity, while her small band falls naturally into the loose collective swing of pre-bop jazzers.’