Meaning of jazziness in English:



See jazzy

‘Stand back and watch the elevators go: they are a rare evocation of the jazziness so often associated with deco; they even pop and whiz, with signs making sure we know they're ‘Autotronic.’’
  • ‘Ma believes the jazziness seen for spring and summer - in Dolce & Gabbana's wild animal prints and hot pants, for example - will be well received in Asia.’
  • ‘‘A lot of the attack and speed that we associate with Balanchine's work, and the jazziness that you find in many works, are a residue of his encounter with tap in the 1930s,’ Garafola says.’
  • ‘As part of the acclaimed hip-hop group Jigmastas, DJ Spinna rose to prominence with a catalog of tracks that exuded a diaphanous cool and open-air jazziness.’
  • ‘This disc, perhaps surprisingly in view of the jazz background of Rochester Philharmonic conductor Jeff Tyzik, doesn't play up the jazziness of Gershwin.’