Meaning of jelly baby in English:

jelly baby


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  • A soft gelatinous sweet in the stylized shape of a baby.

    ‘They are running a promotion on some kind of jelly baby / wine gum hybrid, ‘with real wine!’’
    • ‘In their hands they were holding wine gums, jelly babies, digestive biscuits and, in one case, cocktail sausages.’
    • ‘Certain toffees are enjoyed for their chewy or stretchy texture, and rituals develop around other sweets - such as biting the heads off jelly babies.’
    • ‘I continued to sniff away and although it still didn't resemble anything edible, I didn't even think about chocolate or jelly babies all afternoon.’
    • ‘And we did have a bag of jelly babies for pudding.’
    • ‘In recompense, he was given a free chicken salad sandwich and all the jelly babies he could eat.’
    • ‘He pulled a bag of lollies out from his bag, it was a red packet filled with mixed snakes, jelly babies, frogs and many other sweet treats to eat.’
    • ‘‘I've eaten enough for three days,’ I said scoffing some orange jelly babies.’
    • ‘Sara said: ‘On the race day I can only eat jelly babies for some reason.’’
    • ‘We know you are said to like jelly babies, but what do you think about politics?’
    • ‘Most have been of a technical nature, but one new idea possibly not seen before at Threshfield is the introduction of jelly babies at half-time.’
    • ‘Harriet manages to pick a seat covered in melted jelly babies.’
    • ‘I've only just discovered how delicious jelly babies are here in the UK.’
    • ‘In an instant the smell of stale jelly babies reached his nose, he turned towards me and I was able to pull him out of the inner coven's reach.’
    • ‘Every pint of lager or cider, or every bottle of alco-pop has more calories than a pack of Maltesers or a KitKat, or 10 jelly babies.’