Meaning of jelly mould in English:

jelly mould


(US jelly mold)
mainly British
  • A hollow container used to give a particular shape to jelly as it sets.

    ‘you can use a large jelly mould or individual ones’
    • ‘Place half the black cherries into the bottom of a jelly mould.’
    • ‘I hunted everywhere for the rabbit-shaped jelly mould but it's probably still packed with the cottage cooking gear I haven't needed here.’
    • ‘I collect anything old and domestic (pre-electric kitchen gadgets, china jelly moulds, washboards, mangles etc).’
    • ‘I used too little gelatine for this volume of fruit/cream mixture, especially when I tried to make the mousse in jelly molds, as it turned out a bit too soft.’
    • ‘Fill some individual jelly moulds with half of the raspberries, then pour in half of the cooled jelly.’
    • ‘I made the hanging planter from a vintage jelly mold.’
    • ‘You can buy fancy jelly molds which are a good idea for children's parties.’
    • ‘To serve, dip the jelly mould briefly in hot water for a few seconds and carefully turn out on to serving plates.’
    • ‘For my children, jelly is the apex of all puddings - especially when it is made in a large jelly mould and upturned on a plate.’
    • ‘A compact family car that doesn't look like it was poured out of the same jelly mould as its rivals.’