Meaning of jerboa in English:



  • A desert-dwelling rodent with very long hind legs that enable it to walk upright and perform long jumps, found from North Africa to central Asia.

    Family Dipodidae: several genera and species

    ‘The family Dipodidae includes the birch mice, jumping mice, and jerboas, a total of around 51 species in 15 genera.’
    • ‘In early 1940 the division took as its emblem the jerboa or desert rat.’
    • ‘Macalister says that the muscle is especially developed in leaping animals such as the kangaroo, jerboa, macrocelides.’
    • ‘The closest thing I came across was this page - there's a link to a Canadian email address/site with a female jerboa for sale.’



/dʒəːˈbəʊə/ /ˈdʒəːbəʊə/


Mid 17th century modern Latin, from Arabic yarbū‘.