Meaning of Jerusalem artichoke in English:

Jerusalem artichoke

Pronunciation /dʒəruːsələmˈɑːtɪtʃəʊk/

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  • 1A knobbly edible tuber with white flesh, eaten as a vegetable.

    ‘I also grow a successful variety of vegetables including Jerusalem artichokes, courgettes, beans and pumpkins.’
    • ‘It comes as no real surprise, however, that onions are the most popular vegetables, and Jerusalem artichokes the least popular.’
    • ‘Those searching for ingredients for home-made soups might like to pick up some knobbly Jerusalem artichokes.’
    • ‘Oligosaccharides are present in vegetables such as Jerusalem artichokes, burdock, chicory, leeks, onions, and asparagus, and of course beans.’
    • ‘Its accompanying fricassee of button onions and Jerusalem artichokes was rich and gutsy too.’
    • ‘Cook until Jerusalem artichokes are soft when pricked with a knife, about 10 minutes.’
    • ‘The Jerusalem artichokes are covered with a white fuzz.’
    • ‘The roasted brill with Jerusalem artichokes, mustard and baby potato gratin with mushroom duxelle sounded particularly good.’
    • ‘Like most edible crops, beans should always be rotated, the exceptions being tomatoes, asparagus and Jerusalem artichokes.’
    • ‘And what would you call soup made from Jerusalem artichokes?’
    • ‘They are starting with sautéed fresh foie gras, with a Jerusalem artichoke purée served with Chateau Guiraud, Sauternes 1996.’
    • ‘The potential of ethanol to break dormancy in tubers was demonstrated for Jerusalem artichoke.’
    • ‘I share such items as asparagus, sweetcorn, and Jerusalem artichoke with friendly neighbours, at no expense, in due season.’
    • ‘Pumpkin soup was next, fit for Cinderella, with lardons and crispy shavings of Jerusalem artichoke.’
  • 2The tall North American plant, closely related to the sunflower, which produces this tuber.

    Helianthus tuberosus, family Compositae

    ‘When sunflower was crossed with Jerusalem artichoke, F 1 hybrid plants carried 51 chromosomes and showed reduced pollen fertility.’
    • ‘Prebiotics can be found in plants like Jerusalem artichokes, tomatoes, bananas, garlic, barley and wheat.’
    • ‘In fact, every crop in North America other than the blueberry, Jerusalem artichoke, sunflower and squash has its origins elsewhere.’
    • ‘Down by the water grew harakeke, and my grandfather planted Jerusalem artichokes in the sandy soil.’
    • ‘To provide a summer screen for dustbins, or simply to increase the height of a low fence, plant Jerusalem artichokes.’
    • ‘For control or suppression of Jerusalem artichoke, apply when plants are 6 to 10 inches tall.’
    • ‘As soon as the soil can be worked, plant bare-root asparagus, horseradish, Jerusalem artichokes, and rhubarb.’
    • ‘Liberty plus atrazine will control or suppress some perennial weeds, including dandelion, Canada thistle, Jerusalem artichoke, and wirestem muhly.’


Early 17th century Jerusalem, alteration of Italian girasole ‘sunflower’.