Meaning of jessie in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdʒɛsi/

nounplural noun jessies

(also jessy)
informal, derogatory British
  • An effeminate, weak, or oversensitive man.

    • ‘There is no number two, an’ what you gonna do about that, ya bunch of jessies?’
    • ‘Actually, we ran away like a big pair of jessies.’
    • ‘White's piece is about the arrival of Northern supermarket Morrison's in the south and the fears it prompted among image conscious jessies.’
    • ‘Indeed, I have always regarded basketball as a game for big jessies who don't want to admit they are really playing netball.’
    • ‘The first thing in their favour is the fact they're a London band, not that we're biased towards Southern jessies.’
    • ‘A southern jessie like myself would surely cut no sway with this Teesside Boadicea in Vivienne Westwood.’
    • ‘Shame he had to ruin it all by blubbing like a jessie but you can't have everything.’
    • ‘I mean what's footie come to when a bloke can't make a brilliant save without some flag-waving jessie getting all official.’


1920s from the female given name Jessie.